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      Label as a Service

      Independent artists are up 35% and have generated more than $643 million in 2018.

      They represent the fastest growing segment of the industry, a global segment with real impact and influence.

      The emergence of social networks, influencers and digital platforms (streaming, distribution, etc.) allows them to launch their careers quickly and easily as freelancers. Some will remain so by choice and others will prefer to try to sign with a label or record company.

      Anyway, to be able to hope to sign a record label, you first have to develop and grow, you have to have a solid fan base, videos and albums.
      To do so, artists need to acquire entrepreneurial skills and financial means.

      In addition to our very advantageous mode of remuneration for artists, we needed to provide them with a solution that would enable them to obtain both project development skills and funds to accelerate their growth so that they would become music start-ups and not employees of the music industry.


      Artys develops tools for artists and music professionals and creates a "Label as a Service" following the example of SAAS (software as a service) so that independent artists who have not (yet) signed with a record company can develop independently in order to acquire enough data that could allow them, if they wish, to integrate a professional structure (label, record company).


      Our goal is absolutely not to replace labels because we are not one, but to help independent artists develop until they can reach the level expected by industry professionals.

      Our mission is to train artists in music business, marketing and management while enabling them to generate revenue and raise funds through tokenization and royalty crowdfunding and to help them build a truly international network in the industry.


      Labels and record companies also benefit from being present on our platform. They will be able to detect and track new talent, manage the copyrights of their artists on the blockchain, establish smart contracts quickly (digital contracts on the blockchain), tokenize all or part of their catalog to raise funds and generate cash thanks to the fans of their artists or benefit from a business model much more ethical than on other platforms.


      In reality, we are responding concretely to the problems that need to be solved since October 2, 2015 and to the will of the players in the sector who signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the fair development of online music, namely the Ministry of Culture, associations/federations of independent artists, majors and digital companies (Google, Deezer, Spotify...).

    • our services


      Umatch (Artists & Professionals)

      Boost & manage your career!

      Umatch is the first networking platform for the music and entertainment industry in general that will allow all professionals of the music industry to collaborate worldwide with a simple click!


      Artists, influencers, labels and record companies, coaches, lawyers, lawyers, musicians, press officers, specialized journalists, photographers, models, entertainment professionals, clubs, brands & sponsors...


      National or international artistic collaboration, contract writing, promotion, booking...


      Umatch is a real career accelerator!


      We have not forgotten anyone, not even copyright societies, specialized lawyers and jurists to draw up your contracts and protect your rights!


      It is also on Umatch that artists must register to participate in Target New Talent.


      Umatch will allow you to register and manage your copyrights but also to "tokenize" your copyrights to raise funds and finance your projects.

      You are the music industry

      Artys is a new streaming platform that will allow fans to listen to their favorite artists, attend private online showcases and much more!

      Our streaming platform will allow artists (singers, musicians, DJs and dancers) to considerably increase their income and receive monthly revenues!

      The economic model is different and fairer.

      All artists will be paid according to 3 methods:


      1.the first one is the monthly payment of a percentage of the fans' subscription to the artists (the fan base of each artist)

      2. The second is based on the principle of streaming but at the listening time (user centric) and not on a pro rata basis like the current model which is an unfair model for content creators.

      3- influence fee


      Users/fans will be able to sponsor their friends and receive a monthly fee that will allow them to quickly pay off their subscription and listen to music for free.


      🎧 Artist Remuneration

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    • our values

      Ethics, transparency, value transfer

      Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the service of the music industry

      Artys' commitment to CSR is a voluntary approach that involves finding a balance between economic, social and societal issues in our activities and in our interactions with our various partners (employees, artists, fans, professionals, etc.).


      Artys will follow through on its commitment to social responsibility according to international standards and according to its own morals and convictions.

      Installing a CSR approach at the heart of our strategy is the concrete consideration of sustainable development issues in which we are involved and in which the music industry is not exempt.


      Our objective is to bring concrete solutions to artists in terms of remuneration and redistribution of value while helping them to become more professional..
      If we provide them with sustainable solutions and allow them to have a stable income, they will no longer have to tour at a frenetic pace and the music industry will make a concrete contribution to the protection of the environment and the well-being of artists!

    • The Founder's Word

      The music industry has been growing since the advent of streaming and yet most artists still can't make a living from their music.


      However, on 2 October 2015, the players in the music industry signed a memorandum of understanding for the fair development of online music. A "historic agreement" according to Fleur Pellerin (French Minister of Culture), which aimed in particular to ensure fair remuneration for artists.

      Producers have committed to sharing all revenues received from online music services with artists. They will guarantee them a minimum level of remuneration in return for the digital exploitation of their recordings. They also agree on a framework for the rules for determining the basis of artists' remuneration. The agreement also makes it possible to increase the transparency of the industry's economy by creating an observatory of the music economy and to improve the exposure of musical diversity on online music platforms.
      We are at the end of 2019, four years after the signing of this agreement, and yet very little has changed.


      It's true that the economic model is far from ideal and that's why I founded Artys, but that's not the only problem I could identify and so I had to go further in my thinking.


      By means of to Target New Talent, I have listened to and analyzed thousands of artists from Latin America, Africa, Europe and North America and found that the vast majority of independent artists have at least 3 things in common:


      1- Talent

      2- Lack of visibility

      3- Very few artists live fully from their music (fully means not having to work in addition to their musical career).


      The one and only thing that makes an artist exist professionally and live from his music is not a record company, a producer or a manager, but the fans of an artist, those who will listen to his music, who will go to see him live, who will buy his merchandise or those who will share his new songs, in short, committed fans. Besides, without fans, an artist will have no chance of being signed to a label or a record company!


      That's why Artys has focused on the real problems that will bring solutions to artists (singers, musicians, dancers, DJs) of the world so that they can make a living from music
      We have identified 3 major problems:
      1- The economic model of streaming
      2- Income distribution
      3- Lack of entrepreneurial knowledge of artists.

      We can develop the best system possible, if an artist does not have committed fans, he will be unable to make a living from his art.
      Fans are to an artist what clients are to a company. A business without customers goes bankrupt, so does an artist.
      Artys is first and foremost a tech startup that has in its DNA the will to dramatically change the business model of the music industry in favor of content creators while helping artists become true music entrepreneurs and not music industry employees.


      A professional artist is therefore a music entrepreneur and should manage his career like a real startup and train in music business in order to grow like any other business.
      Fabien Reault , CEO


      Artys offers services for the entire music industry and provides major support to independent artists!

      Meeting the needs of the music industry

      Following the signing of a landmark agreement between the French Ministry of Culture and the major players in the music industry, highlighting among other things the urgency of the problems related to the remuneration of artists, Artys brings real solutions to the music industry and develops tools for artists while allowing their fans to listen to music in a more economical way or even free of charge and, therefore, an additional solution that helps artists to engage their fans.


      The 7 objectives of the Memorandum of Understanding signed on 2 October 2015 by the former French Minister of Culture Fleur Pellerin and the main players in the music industry:


      1- Supporting the development of the music offer

      2- Establish greater transparency in the economics of the music industry

      3- Enhancing Music Exposure and Cultural Diversity

      4- Promote good contractual practices through a code of practice

      5- Guarantee artists a fair remuneration

      6- Mobilize available means to facilitate the digital transition

      7- Ensuring effective and sustainable implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding

      Helping artists emerge on the international scene

      Target New Talent is a concept based on music competitions and aims to enable artists to exist on the national and international scene.

      The competition allows artists to discover other artists with whom they can get in touch or collaborate very simply thanks to Umatch. Collaboration is part of our objectives because it allows artists to be discovered by the fans of the artists they collaborate with and thus to increase their fan base in other regions or countries. We come from the Latin American industry and collaboration is part of our DNA!

      Enabling fans to become players in the music industry

      In addition to allowing fans to receive a monthly commission of 10% thanks to sponsorship, Artys encourages fans to become true ambassadors of the artists by allowing them to broadcast all the new releases (clip, single, album etc) and thus become influencers of their artists. As soon as a fan has at least 2000 followers on his social networks and regularly broadcasts the content of his favorite artist, he will be able to create an influencer account on Umatch and create and monetize with his followers his own playlist on Artys. Fans will also be able to acquire a portion of the copyright of their favorite artists in order to finance projects they support and collect royalties over a period defined by the artist or for life. Fans become investors and ambassadors or even influencers of the artists they support!

      Offering solutions to brands, sponsors and influencers

      Influencers and brands will be able to monetize their audience in the music industry by creating their playlists and bringing their followers to Artys.

      Artys pays a monthly commission on the amount of the subscriptions of the fans of an influencer or a brand.
      Brands will be able to reach their customers directly without being intrusive.

      To offer the opportunity for professionals to increase their income through music.

      Clubs, bars or hotels, for example, can create their playlists and monetize them like influencers by having their clients/followers come to Artys and receive a percentage on the amount of their followers' subscriptions.

      This system is beneficial for everyone, the professionals will generate an additional turnover and the artists will be paid per stream according to the user centric model.

    • innovation

      We always strive for the best.

      Label as a Service - Service innovation and a different approach to the music industry for content creators and the music industry.

      Umatch is the reference application for music professionals and allows you to manage your entire musical career.
      We develop tools for the music industry to create an ecosystem that will allow artists and music business professionals to manage the careers of artists simply.


      A good mix between social networks, blockchains and artificial intelligence by placing technology at the service of human beings creates value, promotes equal opportunities and solves many problems thanks to 5 axes:


      2- traceability,
      3- the redistribution of values,
      4- alignment of interests and,
      5- disintermediation.


      Blockchain technologies are used to store artists in a secure and easily verifiable manner. The ownership of the music is stored in our Blockchain solution, as well as various information such as digital representation of recordings, distribution of ownership, etc.
      This makes it easy for artists to collaborate and even use their fans' participatory funding to accelerate their career development through tokenization and other means.


      The Blockchain is also involved in the distribution of money with automatic payments to artists and their rights holders.
      The distribution scheme is directly based on users' subscriptions and monthly viewing ratios. (streaming user centric)


      The result is a fair and transparent system that encourages the promotion of artists and collaborations while ensuring fair compensation for all concerned.


      Blockchain : Hyperledger.

      We have developed our own Blockchain solution using Hyperledger Fabric to ensure complete control and reliability of our solution.
      Users can purchase tokens directly on our platform from FIAT currencies (Euro, Dollars).
      We use a stable wedge to validate and authenticate all exchanges on the platform.

      Machine Learning

      Machine learning (artificial intelligence) allows for continuous improvement of the user experience.

      With collaborative filtering, the algorithm finds users who share the same taste and can then recommend new content based on the listening history of similar users.


      Artys provides its users with a recommendation system that can automatically generate a playlist based on previous listenings.
      The more music users listen to, the more the algorithm understands the users' tastes and will suggest appropriate content.
      This system is capable of generating more regular playlists based on genres such as Pop, Rock, Rap, Reggaeton, etc.

      Do you feel like an energetic Rock in the morning to wake you up but a soft Jazz in the evening? We'll take care of you.
      The music you like, when you like it the most.

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