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    The music industry would not exist without artists and artists would not exist without fans.

    You are the music industry!



    Out Of The Shadow!

    Target New talent is an international competition that aims to bring out the talents of tomorrow.
    All artists can participate.
    The first season of the competition starts with Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries, then the French-speaking world, then the rest of the world. The winners from each language region will compete to elect the best new talent of the year.

    Target New Talent is a tool for artists to see the real impact they have on their fans and to be able to determine if they have engaged fans or not. The competition will allow artists to gain visibility, acquire new fans from all over the world and be noticed by other artists or record companies who will certainly contact them to collaborate via our Umatch networking platform!

    Artys' main objective is to encourage and facilitate international collaborations between artists, dancers and DJs. The goal is always the same, to help them build a solid fan base that will allow them to live from their passion.

    Target new Talent is the first international music competition to bring together singers, dancers and DJs.


    Boost your career!

    Umatch is the leading networking platform for the music and entertainment industry in general.
    Umatch will enable all music professionals to collaborate worldwide with a single click!
    Dancers, musicians, singers, producers, record companies, recording studios, all the actors of the music industry and all the indirect actors such as nightclubs for showcases or photographers and models, make-up artists and actors for videos will be gathered on the same platform.
    It is also on umatch that artists must register to participate in Target New Talent!

    We have not forgotten anyone, not even copyright societies, specialized lawyers and lawyers to draft your contracts and protect your rights!

    Umatch will also allow artists to be coached by marketing, communication and management professionals.






    You are the music industry

    Artys is a new streaming platform that will allow fans to listen to their favorite artists, attend private online showcases and much more!
    Our streaming platform will allow artists (singers, DJs and dancers) to significantly increase their revenues and earn monthly revenues!
    The economic model is different and fairer.
    All artists will be paid according to 2 methods:


    1. the first is the monthly payment of a percentage of the fan subscription to the artists (the fan base of each artist)


    2. The second one is based on the principle of streaming but at the time of listening (user centric) and not on a pro rata basis as the current model which is an unfair model for content creators, so that all artists are fairly paid. There will be a 3rd compensation option


    Users will be able to sponsor their friends and receive a monthly commission that will allow them to quickly amortize their subscription and listen to music for free.



  • Artys project

    The music industry has been growing since the advent of streaming, yet artists still cannot make a full living from their music.

    It is true that the economic model is far from ideal and that is why I founded Artys, but it is not the only problem I was able to identify and I had to go further in my thinking.


    Thanks to Target New Talent, I listened to and analyzed thousands of artists from Latin America, Africa, Europe and North America and found that the vast majority of independent artists had at least 3 points in common:


    1- Talent

    2- Lack of visibility

    3- Very few artists make a full living from their music (fully means not having to work in addition to their musical career)


    The one and only thing that makes an artist exist professionally and make a living from his music is not a record company, a producer or a manager but the fans of an artist, those who will listen to his music, who will go to see him in concert or in show, who will buy his merchandising or even those who will share his new songs, in short, committed fans!


    That is why Artys has focused on the real problems that will bring solutions to the world's artists so that they can live fully from their passion, music, dance or Djing!
    We have identified 2 major problems,
    1- the streaming business model
    2- the lack of entrepreneurial knowledge of artists, which is the first obstacle for artists.
    We can develop the best system there is, if an artist does not have committed fans, he will be unable to live off his passiont.
    Artys is above all a tech startup who has in her DNA the will to significantly change the music industry's business model in favour of content creators while helping artists become true music entrepreneurs and not employees of the music industry.

    Fabien Reault, CEO


    Umatch is the first networking application that will allow all music professionals, direct and indirect, to collaborate worldwide with a single click!

    Artists, influencers, labels and record companies, coaches, lawyers, musicians, press officers, specialist journalists, photographers, models, entertainment professionals, clubs, brands & sponsors...

    The list is long and we have not forgotten anyone!

    National or international artistic collaboration, contract writing, promotion, booking...

    Umatch is a career accelerator!

    The 1st version will be available from November 2019 but you can sleep and already register!


    Artys est une nouvelle plateforme de streaming qui va permettre aux fans d'écouter leurs artistes préférés gratuitement, d'assister à des showcases online privés et bien plus encore!
    Notre plateforme de streaming va permettre aux artistes d'augmenter considérablement leurs revenus et de percevoir des revenus mensuels!

  • Our values

    Fairness, transparency, value distribution (Value gap)

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the service of the music industry

    Artys' commitment to CSR is a voluntary approach that involves finding a balance between economic, social and societal issues in our activities and in interactions with our various partners (employees, artists, fans, professionals...)

    Together we will succeed and together we can disrupt the industry.


    Artys Music will follow through on its commitment to social responsibility according to international standards and its own morals and beliefs.

    Installing a CSR approach at the heart of our strategy is the concrete consideration of sustainable development issues in which we are involved and in which the music industry is not exempt.

    After all, isn't a good business a business or is there something for everyone?

  • r o a d m a p

    Stay tune!


    Target New Talent

    June 28, 2019

    Launch of Target New Talent.
    The contest started with 21 Latin American countries, then Spain, Portugal and La Francophonie in September! The rest of the world will join the competition in October.
    NOTE: From September, Target New talent will integrate dancers and DJ's into the competition!



    Last quarter of 2019

    Launch of the first networking application for the music industry.
    A first web/mobile version will be launched in October 2019.

    Umatch is a career accelerator for all direct and indirect players in the music industry





    Artys Music

    2nd quarter 2020

    Launch of Artys!
    More than a streaming platform, Artys is the solution that meets the financial needs of all artists around the world.
    A new, fairer and more profitable business model for artists and their fans!





    Umatch V2

    3rd quarter 2020

    Launch of Umatch V2!
    The second version of Umatch is aimed at all players in the entertainment industry:


    - Music industry

    - Cinema/Theatre

    - Gaming & Sports (Ugame)

  • artys project

    At the heart of our approach, artists!

    Origins of the Artys project.

    The origin of the project starts from a simple observation: the music and streaming industry is doing well and continues to grow. While the industry is doing wonderfully well, content creators continue to be unable to make a full living from their creations and many are forced to have a secondary activity to live decently.

    Despite the commitments made in October 2015 by the Ministry of Culture with record companies, streaming platforms and artists' unions, there have still been no changes in the way artists are paid.

    The Minister of Culture, however, had welcomed a "historic agreement".

    (September 2019: Deezer, a French company, has just modified its economic model, congratulations!)


    We have been working for 2 years to help content creators but also the music industry itself to reinvent the business model by relying on ISO 26000 standards and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
    Our ambition is to allow artists to generate a monthly income that evolves according to the number of fans of each artist.

    Meeting the needs of artists

    The objective is to fundamentally change the economic model of the streaming industry in order to allow all artists to make a full living from their music and users to listen to music for free!


    Artists, who are at the centre of the creative process, receive only about 12% of the revenues generated by the music industry.


    But then, where do the revenues go and how do the artists generate them at the time of streaming?

    Most of the revenues generated by the music industry are captured by intermediaries such as streaming platforms, among others, which are the biggest beneficiaries of streaming-related revenue increases, while artists receive very low remuneration.

    In Europe or the United States, it takes more than 300,000 streams per month for an artist to receive the equivalent of a minimum wage, or about €1250.

    Indeed, Spotify for example only pays 0.004 cents/stream in the United States and Europe and probably much less in Latin America for example since its (very opaque) calculation method is based on the pro rata and not on the user centric.



    Artys offers a new business model for the streaming industry and develops applications and algorithms on the Hyperledger blockchain for transparency, privacy and automated copyright management.

    A paradigm shift with a new business model for the streaming industry is required and is not based on a pro rata payment based on the number of streams like all current streaming platforms but on the redistribution of a percentage of artist and/or fan subscriptions to the artists, so we pay 30% of the amount of an artist's fan subscriptions directly to the artist and 30% will be paid back to the streaming model but at the listening time called user centric, a much fairer model for artists around the globe.
    This new remuneration model will allow artists to build up a monthly income that will grow according to their number of fans and audience.


    An artist is a music entrepreneur and not an employee of the music industry. This means that, like any entrepreneur, an artist must master the basics of entrepreneurship, namely career management, marketing, development and so on.

    Artys' objective, through its Umatch networking platform, is to help music entrepreneurs to significantly increase their revenues but we cannot do so without them having acquired entrepreneurial knowledge. Umatch will therefore offer training courses to artists who wish to develop themselves.

    It must be understood that an artist who would like to sign in a record company will have a hard time doing so without social proof (the fan base). It is therefore important that artists are able to develop fan acquisition strategies, that they have a perfect command of communication on social networks, that they are able to write a storytelling etc. It is from that moment on that they will be considered as professionals and that they will be likely to sign in a record company.


    Artys offers services for the entire music industry and major support for independent artists!

    Meeting the needs of the music industry

    Artys meets the needs of the music industry by providing a real solution to the financial needs of artists while allowing their fans to listen to music in a more economical or even free way and therefore helps artists to engage their fans.

    Enable artists to emerge on the international scene

    Target New Talent is a concept based on music competitions and aims to enable artists to exist on the national and international scene by helping them to collaborate in a simple way while acquiring new fans who are the basis of artists' remuneration.

    The competition also allows artists to discover other artists with whom they can contact or collaborate very simply thanks to Umatch. Collaboration is part of our objectives because it allows artists to be discovered by the fans of the artists with whom they collaborate and thus to increase their fan base in other regions or countries. We come from the Latin American industry and collaboration is therefore part of our DNA!

    Enable fans to become players in the music industry

    In addition to allowing fans to earn a 10% monthly commission through sponsorship, Artys encourages fans to become true ambassadors for the artists by allowing them to showcase all the new releases (video, single, album etc.) and thus become influencers of their artists. From the moment a fan has at least 2000 followers on his social networks and regularly publishes the content of his favorite artist, he can create an influencer account on Umatch and create and monetize with his followers his own playlist on Artys.

    Propose solutions to brands, sponsors and influencers

    Influencers and brands will be able to monetize their audience in the music industry by creating their playlists and bringing their followers to Artys.

    Artys pays a monthly commission on the amount of subscriptions from fans of an influencer or brand.

    Offer the opportunity for professionals to increase their income through music

    Discotheques, bars or hotels, for example, can create their playlists, which they will monetize as influencers, by bringing their clients/followers to Artys and collecting a percentage on the amount of subscriptions from their followers.

    This system is beneficial for everyone, professionals will generate additional revenue and artists will be paid by the stream according to the user centric model.

  • innovations & Technologies

    We always strive for the best.

    Service innovation - A different approach to the music industry

    Technological innovation is very important and beneficial as long as it is put at the service of the human being! Coupled with Artys' service-oriented innovation will make it possible to revolutionize

    Blockchain - Hyperledger

    Artys is an innovative start-up that develops several applications using the latest technologies such as the Blockchain Hyperledger for transaction transparency, artist confidentiality and copyright management as well as artist remuneration.

    Whether in music, sports or cinema, young talents all face the same problem; the lack of tools that allow them to stand out and emerge from the shadows in order to be able to live from their passion.


    A good mix between social networks, blockchain and artificial intelligence by placing technology at the service of the human being creates value, promotes equal opportunities and solves these problems thanks to 5 axes in particular:

    1- Transparency,
    2- traceability,
    3- the redistribution of values,
    4- the alignment of interests and,
    5- disintermediation.


    Values that are totally in tune with the world of music! There is therefore an urgent need to place artists at the centre of detection processes.
    Social networks make sense here by revealing talents and leveraging meritocracy.


    Umatch is a Networking and Matching application developed through blockchain and Machine Learning. It allows artists, labels, record companies to connect with coaches, managers and marketing and business management professionals.
    The professionalization of artists necessarily involves a theoretical part that aims to teach them the world of entrepreneurship so that they can best manage their careers, whether it is a career as an artist, manager or for anyone wishing to

    Big Data

    Big data is used to collect and analyze data in order to offer personalized content.
    Machine learning (artificial intelligence) and big data for information management are constantly improving the user experience.

  • Artys in figures

    Pre-launch on June 21, 2019 - Launch planned for early 2020


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